Solution Focused Coaching Course

21 March 1997

Just a short note to say thank-you very much for a most interesting and thought provoking two days on the Solutions Coaching course. As you know from the feedback, it was a very useful and inspiring session.

Thanks again for an interesting course.

Nigel Knowlman - UK Marketing Manager – Spirax Sarco Engineering plc


A Learning Set

27 April 1998

…Thank you for the work that you have done for us over the past 15 months in facilitating and leading Learning Set.

…I am able to identify several outcomes from the work you have done here so far. On a personal level, my own clinical behaviour has changed and my clinical skills have been enhanced. Amongst the members of the Learning Set there have also been gains. Some are important but hard to quantify; an increased sense of commitment and revived enthusiasm for work; some are more directly observable, changes in clinical practice.

…The proof of the pudding is in the eating and I have been pleased to be able to buy more of your services. Bought in training can often seem OK on the outside, but make no real difference. You have made a difference in Severn NHS Trust.

In-house conference and training day co-designed and run with learning set members (see above)

9 May 1998

…I have been asked by the facilitators to thank-you for the efforts you put into the day which we felt was very successful.

…I thought that the approach we developed for the day was one which worked extremely well and is one which will mean that we retain the capacity to reproduce the day in-house - although perhaps as a trainer you may need to rethink whether a group of facilitators with sufficient competence and confidence to run further training days without you is an outcome which you really want to achieve!

Roger Haynes - Team Leader, Gloucester Community Mental Health Nurses – Severn NHS Trust


Team Vision Day

10 May 1999

I thought that your Solution Focused and Appreciative approach to the day was extremely effective in helping the team arrive at a clear view of their strengths, and in developing a common vision of the company's future direction, all in a very short space of time.

Raphael Skerratt - Chairman of the Trustees - Interplay Theatre


Solution Focused Coaching Course

31 July 2000

As you will see from the write ups of the participants, your sessions …have led many of my colleagues to try out these ideas in their own work, and also in their personal lives outside of work. …facilitators found your techniques powerful and easily memorable, and many have found in client facing work that a solutions focus can set matters off in a far more positive and productive direction.

19 June 2001

…eighteen months on, people who took part, found the programme memorable. A few days a go a colleague of mine said that 'of all the stuff we did Harry's has stood the test of time.' I've also noticed people using some of what you showed us in the midst of meetings and workshops.

Adrian Robertson – Senior Consultant Knowledge Group – Post Office


Solution Focused Coaching Course

14 November 2001

…This approach emphasises using positive language and looking for the smallest improvements in peoples’ lives.

…It looks easy on paper but through the exercises I discovered that this simple technique was a completely different way of thinking.

…I have come away with practical skills that I can use on a daily basis.

…For the first time I can recall, I left training still thinking about it and in very small ways started instantly applying it.

… I found the two days very inspirational and was quite excited about the possibilities it could offer me in the future.

We would recommend this approach to anybody!

Members of an NCH Team


Solution Focused Reflecting Teams - Conference Workshop

18 December 2001

Your (Solution Focused Reflecting Teams) workshop was rated at 8.3 on a 1-10 scale with a range of scores between 6 and 10. This workshop was one of the highest rated on the day. There were lots and lots of very positive comments. "Easy to use tool - good presentation, relaxed attitude", "feedback through involvement in a team was useful", "unique presenting style made the workshop not only highly informative and experientially superb but also very entertaining", "extremely useful -I intend to persuade my organisation to use it", "excellent and inspiring".

Evan George – Brief Therapy Practice


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