What does Solution Focused Mean?

He was a member of a softball team that took play seriously. ...had been dropped from third to eighth in the batting order because of a season long slump. They had even taken videotapes of his struggles, which he was watching in order to figure out what he was doing wrong. I told him that it seemed to me that they were going about it in the wrong way: what he needed was to watch himself getting hits.

de Shazer S (1985) Keys To Solutions in Brief Therapy, New York, Norton.

Solutions Approaches are based on conversations that encourage coping, progress and change by focusing on

  • times when ‘the problem’ doesn’t happen
  • preferred futures
  • goals that are clearly relevant to the client
  • identifying achievable small steps
  • finding ways to measure progress
  • constructive feedback

Solutions Approaches have a reputation for enabling practitioners to help clients refresh and focus on ways of going forward in formal settings, and also opportunistically in conversations.

Harry Norman has been putting Solution Focused ideas into practice since 1991, and has provided Solution Focused skills training since 1997. He has presented in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Holland and Ireland. He has presented for Business Links, SES Britain, Solutions in Organisations Conference, Post Office, Department of Works and Pensions, Manic Depression Fellowship, Rethink, Cornwall Social Services, Harrow Social Services, Back to Work Team, European Brief Therapy Association, Birmingham University, Bristol University, Bath University and Brief Therapy Practice (London).

He is active as a

  • workplace and career coach
  • trainer of therapy and coaching skills
  • trainer of Solution Focused Reflecting Team skills
  • trainer of case conferencing skills
  • learning set facilitator
  • trainer of Solution Focused skills for business mentors
  • trainer in Solution Focused thinking skills
  • visiting university lecturer


Please feel free to contact Harry Norman and ask any questions

Phone 0117 968 2417 or Email support@solutionsology.co.uk