Solution Focused Reflecting Teams

The Solution Focused Reflecting Team (SFRTeam) model was developed by Harry Norman in conjunction with Bristol Solutions Group. It has proved popular, especially in Sweden, where there are well-established cultural traditions of consensus building.

Solution Focused Reflecting Teams – Benefits

A model for creative, useful and refreshing meetings. Using this model, the team builds its’ spirit whilst getting on with the job in hand!

Solution Focused Coaching & Mentoring Model

The Solution Focused Reflecting Team is an analogue of the Solution Focused Coaching & Mentoring process

Solution Focused Coaching & Mentoring Process model


Client and Coach Activities


The client has some idea of what the meeting is about for them and/or some idea of what they want to say and /or what they hope to gain from the meeting


The client tells their story and/or explains what he, or she, wants some help with


The coach asks questions to develop his, or her, understanding of what is hoped for, who is involved, and what qualities, resources and skills the client brings to the situation


During the course of the meeting the coach searches for opportunities to compliment the client on their personal qualities, resourcefulness and skills


The coach considers ‘the story so far’ and ways that the client could make further progress


The coach and the client discuss how the client could make progress after the session

Solution Focused Reflecting Team - Core Model


Case-Presenter and Helping Team Activities

Rules for Speaking & Listening


Ideally each person attending the meeting prepares in advance and is clear about what they hope to gain from the meeting



The person receiving help (the case-presenter) describes the situation they would like some help with

Only the case-presenter speaks


The helping team asks questions to clarify the case-presenters story. They are interested in recognised and unrecognised assets

The helping team asks questions in any order


Each member of the helping team tells the case-presenter briefly what he, or she, is most impressed with about their presentation

The helping team members speak in any order

The case-presenter remains silent


The helping team members take it in turn to say one thing at a time in response to the case-presenter’s presentation. If one person has nothing to offer they say "Pass" and this cycle continues until everyone has said all they want to say, or they run out of time

The helping team members speak in sequence


The case-presenter responds briefly to what was said in the Reflecting Phase, usually stating what they feel is most applicable

Only the case-presenter speaks

The SFRTeam model is highly structured and sometimes members of a helping-team initially feel dissatisfied because the structure ‘feels too constraining’. However this dissatisfaction usually disappears as soon as each member of the helping team has taken a turn as case-presenter.

In general each round of the core model needs about half an hour to complete.

The SFRTeam core model looks simple and indeed it is easy to get started with the core model. However, there are subtle variations to the core model that can be used to enhance the usefulness of the model according to context and application.


Solution Focused Reflecting Teams – Known applications so far!

Organisational Life

Stakeholder Groups in Organisational Development


Working Life

Vocation Rehabilitation Support Groups

Teams & Learning

Action Learning

Learning Reviews

Coaching Support & Development

Business Support

Team Support

Project Support

Business Support Groups

Mentor Development

Mutual Mentoring Groups

Helping Professions

Clinical Supervision

Case Conferences


Service User Groups


Solution Focused Reflecting Teams - Articles and Publications

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Solution Focused Reflecting Teams - Downloadable Articles

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Solution Focused Reflecting Teams – Workshops and Trainings

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