Harry has been doing brief solution focus therapy at our surgery on a private basis for the last couple of years. We have regularly assessed his role in this and he has keenly audited his own activities. He has proved popular particularly with those patients requiring pragmatic and practical help in dealing with emotional issues. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.



Dear Dr Roberts,

I write in respect of my recent counselling sessions with Mr Harry Norman, which you had recommended to me, to help reduce the stress and anxiety problems I was experiencing. I am pleased to report that I have benefited from the therapy to such an extent, that I no longer suffer from frequent headaches and now sleep through the night without constantly waking. I was sceptical of the value I could get from the exercise. However, Harry's style, integrity, guidance and practical suggestions enabled me to understand and then address the issues that were the cause of my problems. I and my family are grateful for the treatment provided to me.

Yours sincerely,


A recently retired man who was involved in a long drawn out and intense legal situation, he was very stressed and anxious


Thank you very much it was really helpful coming to see you


A young man who worked for a care and educational organisation and was highly stressed, depressed and frustrated


Dear Harry

I have been meaning to write and thank you for all your help and for 'curing' me this time last year. Since our last meeting I have not looked back and I am 99% better. I would rate my general well being as 9 (well no-one is perfect). My life has changed so much and it is great to be me. I would not be where I am today if it had not been for your help and for you listening to me. Since seeing you I quit my job and started to work part time hours and concentrate on hairdressing. This has been amazing, I had the feeling that I may get a panic attack some months ago but I talked to myself, breathed and it passed and since then it has not raised its ugly head again. I also attended a first aid course to assist heart attack victims and even though a victim is normally sick when having a heart attack I can firmly say I would stay and try to save a life then run and lose a life. This time last year I would have run away from potential sickness! I cannot begin to say how truly grateful I am to you and I hope you are in good health and all is well.

Thank you so much



A young woman whose complaint was ‘vomit phobia’ – obsessive thinking and intense fear that she or others might vomit


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