Paradox is a Muddle - An interview with Steve de Shazer

Steve de Shazer, author of many excellent books on Brief Therapy, visited the UK in 1997 to give a couple of workshops on Solution Focused Brief Therapy. While he was in London, Harry Norman, Jenny Clarke and Mark McKergow, three members of the Bristol Solutions Group, seized the opportunity to interview him.


If You Meet Bill O’Hanlon on the Road...Kill His Metaphors! - An Interview with Bill O’Hanlon

Bill O’Hanlon, a former acolyte of Milton Erickon, and author of many excellent books on psychotherapy visited the UK in 1994 to present for the Brief Therapy Practice. While Bill was in London Harry Norman took the opportunity to interview him.


When Harry Met Franky and They Talked About Billy - Interview with Frank Farrelly

Frank Farrelly was a close colleague of, Carl Rogers, the father of person centred counselling, before he ‘broke-out’ in a counterintuitive direction and wrote a highly engaging book about it; Provocative Therapy. When Frank visited he UK in 1993 and Harry Norman tried to interview him!